Warlord IV - Heroes of Etheria

Welcome on this Warlords IV web site. If you seek a full featured web site for this game you are on the wrong place. This place is for the moment only dedicated to my small contribution to this game: A Warlord & Retinues Editor.

[ Editor 2.55 (1.04 MB) - Detailed Documentation ]
[ Patch 1.05 (6.10 MB) US Version]
[ English Manual (PDF: 182 KB) ]
[ Old Editor 2.41 (867 KB) until Patch 1.04 (2.24 MB) ]
[ Old Editor 2.32 (848 KB) before Patch 1.03 (2.22 MB) ]

All information related to the editor is in the documentation file, read it carefully before starting the editor. Note that this editor is made in Java, you must therefore also support this environment. You may download and use this editor freely at your own risk.

This editor works for both the full game (patched or not) and the demos. No side effects have been reported so far. If you do find problems, please contact me.

Last update, Sunday, June 3, 2012