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Tuesday 22 Ocotber 2002

Add new entries in the patch downloads section related to Might and Magic IX. For the game info and walkthrough see the Might and Magic IX Portal, the portal has been massively updated.

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Tuesday 18 June 2002

Add new entries in the downloads section related to Might and Magic IX. For the game info and walkthrough see the Might and Magic IX Portal.

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Tuesday 23 April 2002

The web site sub-domain is finally activated and the web site is running smooth. From now on you can use a direct access to this page by using the new address:


Nice gaming and enjoy the surf!

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Thursday 11 April 2002

With the merge of Lycos France's different hosters into one entity the accesses to the pages was very slow, also their politics does not suits very well.

This time it's done, the portal take it's own wing and is now a standalone on it's one server. Since now on you can find the web site at the following address:


This means no more trouble with wild ads, slow access, site unreachable because of weeks of maintenance, ftp, etc... Anyway free like air the server is now hosted in Los Angeles, this means good access for US citizen and probably some jams for Europeans at rush hour.

The whole web site got a lifting to suppress all the remaining old references and add the new ones. Since the web site was entirely check I decide to develop new editing tools. I use now home made powerful tools. All the pages are now written in XHTML 1.1 and the syntax properly checked (HTML) syntax only).

The drawback of this technology is that it uses HTML 4.x and CSS2 massively. Unfortunately few browsers on the market now do support it properly. At the bottom of each page you find the list of best-suited browsers to visualize the pages. Else when you enter the web site from the root a popup window will show up if your browser is not conform with links to the different recommended browsers.

As for the new things around here only the MM8 FAQ did get some new entries. Add the new versions of the Classes, Monsters, Dungeons and Promotion Quests.

Since Might and Magic IX is release the MM8 FAQ will not change much, unless some new question raises. There will be probably a MM9 FAQ one of these days appearing depending on my personal advancement in the game and the number of question and answers I will have written.

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Thursday 14 February 2002

We have the pleasure to have some new critics in the Books section from DaveO. He made a very nice work for the MM7 and MM8 Prima Guide review.

Add a new section to the Community Levels page. Now all the levelling awards are listed.

The Bugs section of the MM8 FAQ is now completed. The Others section is split in 3 new sections, this was need since the size of the file became simply huge. The new added sections are Items, Characters and Miscellaneous. Several new entries as well have been added to the other sections of the FAQ. The Table of Content of each section has been expanded to allow smoother navigation.

The MM8 savegames section of the Downloads page has been massively increased due to an excellent idea of Klaravoyia.

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Wednesday 31 October 2001

First time this Web site shows up! Everything is new here. Surf around and enjoy the tour. In summary:

  • The Books section offer a list of books related to the Might and Magic games with description and critics.
  • The Levels section describes how the leveling work on the old 3DO Community boards.
  • The MM8 FAQ is a compilation of the most common questions asked on the old 3DO boards. All the topics there has been once a topic of the day on the Might and Magic VIII board.
  • The Downloads section offer a large variety of elements to download all related to the games or this Web Site.
  • The Links offer a collection of links to Might and Magic related topics.
  • If you want to contact me, I propose many solutions.
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Once upon a time...

There was a funny Wizard with a long beard making tons of typos in his threads. Actually this Web site is set up to satisfy many claims about an English portal. This is not a Web site about all the Might and Magic games, but just a compendium of different aspects of the game. Most information you find here comes from the old 3DO Community boards with some of my own add-ons.

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